Sex, Gender, Love and Freedom

We encourage you to watch this short video from Bethel Church.

It’s very impactful and compassionate, and it shares a fresh perspective on this topic.

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On April 25 and May 2nd, I addressed the very important, albeit sensitive topic that is currently being debated in our society and in Congress. The questions have to do with sex and gender and what does it mean to be male and female? And how ought we to respond, as a society, to folks who claim that their gender does not match their biological sex? These are big and fundamental questions. And I will add to these questions another important one: How are we to respond to these issues as followers of Jesus?

Currently the Senate has yet to take action on HR 5, “The Equality Act,” a bill that has passed the House of Representatives and that addresses many of these issues. The issues addressed in this bill are of great importance and their implications upon our society can hardly be exaggerated.  My teachings were not political in nature, but rather biblical.

All human beings are created in the image and likeness of God and are deserving of our honoring God’s image that they carry.  Genesis clearly states that gender is the Creator’s idea, for God created humanity “male and female.” Jesus challenges us that one of our greatest priorities is always to love our neighbor as ourselves—all our neighbors. We focused on these truths, along with some other key Scriptures as we sought the Lord’s mind on this topic.

Thanks for your prayers,

Pastor Rick

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