The Story Behind Tay Smith’s Song “Open Up (Psalm 24)”


We recently introduced the song “Open Up (Psalm 24) in our Sunday Services.  It’s an original song written by our very own Tay Smith.  Here’s her story behind the song:

I wrote the song “Open Up (Psalm 24)” in May of 2020, in the height of the pandemic. I was reading through the Psalms to get inspiration to write. I came across Psalm 24 and was absolutely captivated by verses 7-10. It was really a song. I know all Psalms are songs, but those verses evoked images as they detailed the coming of God’s presence through the ancient gates of heaven. I prayed into the verses, and from it came the song that I wrote, “Open Up (Psalm 24).” (SEE LYRICS BELOW.)

The melody came easy as I truly feel it was a gift from God. The song sets the scene for the listener to think about the character of God, to truly imagine who the Creator of existence to be. I envision the song to take place in the throne room of heaven. God’s glory is on the other side of these beautiful ancient doors and God’s people are praising his name in awe of who he is, both in action, and his proximity to them. As they worship him his glory gets closer and closer (Psalm 22:3 – God inhabits the praise of his people).

After I had finished with the verses and the chorus, I spoke to a friend and she felt that the song needed a bridge.  I wanted the bridge to be about when the king of glory actually entered the room.  What do you say when you are face to face with God? What words can even be spoken?  So I went to Revelation 4:8 which is where we read that the angels sing “Holy, holy, holy” day and night in the presence of God. I felt that was a perfect fit for the bridge.

I truly believe God rests on this song, and as we praise him, as we call his Spirit close, as we knock on the ancient doors, he answers with his glory. And when God enters the room everything changes. So, this song is an invitation to God to enter our lives and bring his glory to our situations.

Thank you,
Athalia Smith


Verse 1
Who is the king of glory?
Who, strong and mighty?
You, the Lord invincible

Who is the king of glory?
Who, Lord of heaven’s armies?
You, the Lord invincible

Open up the ancient gates
Open up the ancient doors
Let the King of Glory enter, forever – more

Verse 2
Who is the king of glory
Who, the Lord all-faithful
You, the Lord invincible
Who is the king of glory
Who, the Lord unfailing
You, the Lord invincible

Holy, holy is the Lord almighty
Worthy, worthy
No one can stand against Thee

Make room for the King
We cry holy, holy!
Make room for the King
Lift your voice and sing
Open up!

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