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Connecting Conversation: Thursday, May 27 at 7PM

Over the past several months we have hosted several intentional conversations around various topics at Wellspring that have led to greater understanding of various issues, and to building stronger connections between new friends and old. The format is simple and effective. Folks are gathered around a table and share their experiences and hearts as they respond to some open-ended questions.

We are hosting intentional conversations to help folks renew connections with Wellspring and with one another as we are emerging out of the pandemic. These conversations will be held in the Wellspring café on Thursday evening, May 27 at 7:00 PM. Each conversation will be facilitated by a table host, and coffee and light refreshments will be served. Everyone is invited to join us for this opportunity to make some new friends and build stronger connections with friends you already have.

Here are some of the questions that will help facilitate our sharing:

What have I discovered that I most have missed in my spiritual walk during this past year of pandemic/shutdown?
What has grown stronger in my walk with the Lord during this past season of challenge?
What have I learned about myself during this time? About the Lord?
What dreams has the Lord sparked in me for his Kingdom during this past season?
How have I turned the various challenges I have been facing into opportunities?

Let’s have a Connecting Conversation!  Hope to see you on Thursday, May 27 at 7:00 PM!

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