Report on the “Awaken” Young Adult Event at Wellspring


Wellspring Church recently hosted Awaken Central Connecticut (Awaken CC) for their inaugural event on Wednesday, April 28th, and it was a powerful success. The event, which is an off-shoot of the parent organization, Awaken Movement, served to bring the message of the gospel and time of worship to students and young adults in the central Connecticut area. Based out of Bridgeport, Awaken is “a student-led movement that exists to unlock sustainable revival in universities” (@awaken_mvmt on Instagram). While Awaken CC is not yet connected to any one university in particular, it still proved to bring in many attendees who are students at local universities and even other young adults.

Simenesh Comollo, of Central Connecticut State University, opened the evening with prayer before Awaken Collective, Awaken’s resident worship team, began a time of worship for the night. From the stage rang out songs such as “Tremble” by Mosaic MSC, “Yahweh” by Maverick City Music, and “Here as in Heaven” by Elevation Worship. This was followed by Comollo sharing her testimony with the crowd, one which spared few from shedding a tear.

Briyanna Labbie, another CCSU student and President of CCSU’s Intervarsity chapter, gave the main message. “Whether you have walked with the Lord, whether Jesus is just somebody you’ve heard of and maybe you don’t feel you really understand Him, or maybe there’s [times] in your life where you’ve walked with Him but you’ve fallen away–there may be seeds of doubt in your heart…Jesus is reaching out his hand to you,” Labbie said in her message. She concluded with an altar call, inviting those who wanted prayer to lift their hands as Awaken Collective led the room into a time of worship once again. There were individuals that did, indeed, receive prayer, recommitted their lives to God, and even got connected with churches and campus ministries following the event.

The Awaken CC student leaders are grateful to Wellspring Church for being so generous to allow them the time and use of the building for the event. They feel blessed to have been able work with such a gracious Church to bring this movement to the people of central Connecticut.

– Report written by Sarah Kavarnos

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