Updated Covid Protocols


Here we are, announcing yet another Covid Protocols update for Wellspring. Yet, even as this has been a most challenging and at times exasperating year, we are truly grateful for the flexibility, understanding, and support the Wellspring family has shown to one another. Our desire is for Romans 12:10 to continue to define us:

     “Be devoted to one another with mutual love, showing eagerness in honoring one another.”

We are also grateful for the Lord’s protection and for everyone’s cooperation so that we have not experienced an outbreak of Covid 19 while we have been meeting for a full year now. We continue to declare Psalm 91:

     “Because we have made the Most High our habitation…no plague will come near our dwelling.”

Thank you all. We gather to Worship God. Let’s do so safely as we love one another and as our devotion is for the Lord and his Kingdom. May our unity please God and welcome his Holy Spirit’s presence.

Current Covid Protocols (as of May 20, 2021)

1. Masks are optional at both Sunday Morning Worship Services.
2. A mask required section will be available at both services.
3. We are trusting everyone to manage their own health and their responsibilities toward one another.
4. Kids and kids program staff will continue to wear masks while in their classrooms.

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