Sermon Application Steps: Wesley Zinn – Faith, Love, and Hope


Sermon Application Steps for May 23, 2021

Have you ever listened to a wonderful Wellspring sermon, and yet within a few days you could not recall the specifics? At times that even happens to us, the pastors! Even more importantly than what we heard is the question, How and where do I apply the message?

Let us help. Along with every sermon, we will now provide Sermon Application Steps to assist you in putting the teaching action. Our desire is not to assign homework. Rather, we want help you see the impact and the fruit that can come from applying these messages into our lives.

This past Sunday May 23, I shared these application steps at the end of my sermon. We are providing them here as well.

Thanks for listening to our messages! But more importantly, thanks in advance for taking steps of application. May the Lord bring forth spiritual growth and healthy fruit along the way.

Pastor Wes


1. Ask yourself and the Lord, what is one step I can take this week to Live by Faith? Think about places where fear or worry cause you to doubt. Is there a step you can take in that situation to Live by Faith?

2. Identify one step you can take this week to Love well. Make a decision to take that step.

3. Ask the Lord to highlight to you this week times and situations where you can be a Voice of Hope. Share the Lord’s compassion and encourage by speaking his Hope.

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