Identity – Who God Says You Are


Identity – Who God Says You Are
Wellspring Zoom Class
7:00 p.m. on Tuesday Nights from 6/8/21 – 6/29/21

Do you really know who God created you to be? Are you living your life and making your choices based on that unique identity? Are you continuing to search for your God-given identity? Is someone other than you and God creating an identity for you that is less than who you really are?

Each of us has the opportunity to align our thinking and our outlook with the truth of God’s Word. The Word has much to say about who God says we are. Join us as we explore our own thoughts, the pressures of society, and the Word to discern who we really are. God Himself is eager for us to thrive as we continuously discover Him and His glorious plans for each one of us. All adults are welcome.

Register at: or sign up at the welcome center.
Text: Scripture
Instructor: Pastor Laurie McCarty

Class Schedule:
Week 1 (6/8/21): God’s heart, intent, and plans for each one of us.
Week 2 (6/15/21): Assessing our identity input, what we believe, and the outcome.
Week 3 (6/22/21): Old and New – Christ’s finished work and how it changes everything about who God says you are.
Week 4 (6/29/21): Who vs. Do; Resting in your God-given identity, and moving forward.

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