Greetings from India: Mission Update


Do you know that Wellspring supports the New Life Community College in Chennai, India, and its founder Sam Sunder Singh and family?  At NLCC Hindu students learn a trade but also receive the Gospel of Christ, taught and lived out through Sam and the other faculty.

You may also have heard that India continues in very serious conditions due to a third wave of COVID.  Last year Wellspring sent Sam funds above our usual support which were used for food for his students and families.  We are now doing the same thing again.  With $1000 Sam will distribute two week’s worth of food to all his students and families.   We are grateful to partner with Sam, his family, and school.

Please read Sam’s heartfelt letter below.

Greetings to you from Chennai!  Thank you so much for sending us the funds to pay for the Land. We have paid the entire amount towards the land and we are so thankful to the loving wellspring family and for those loving hearts that are helping us to get a land for NLCC.

It is becoming harder here in our country with the increased number of COVID positive cases. The health care institutions are struggling to provide care to the millions affected with limited facility. Though lot of preventive measures being enforced yet situation is becoming uncontrollable. In many places, shortage of beds in hospitals, shortage of medical oxygen, no ventilators, no medicines, and no place to burn the dead bodies hence being burned on the platforms on the road side. In some place vaccines are not available and in many place people fear to take the vaccine. Nothing is working, be it lockdown, wearing mask, social distancing, vaccines etc, nothing is working. Families, churches, communities, are getting affected in bunches.

Most of my time goes attending to the calls to pray and talking to the Pastors to hear their sufferings and then to console them. We are also praying in groups through zoom, WhatsApp and just being there to listen to people is our prime ministry these days. Fear about the disease, fear about the treatment, fear of the expenses, fear of death, fear of vaccines, fear of the side effects of the vaccine, like this many fears we are hearing and praying to God. Just like how the Lord God had mercy on the people of Nineveh, pleading Him to be merciful on our Nation and help.

At this juncture we as a ministry here are praying to do something to the suffering people, just like last year this year too we sense the need to help.

Please continue to pray for India and pray for people like me who work to spread love and hope among the general public during this difficult time. In our own apartment, just our opposite door family is infected, as per the rule, we are not allowed to go out until (two weeks) the opposite door family return to normal health. Please pray for us. Thanks.

Yours Sincerely,

Sam Sunder Singh

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