Baby Joey’s Testimony


Joey was 3 weeks old when he came to live with me, his grandmother. I noticed he spent a lot of time crying. His range was crying, full out rage, and sleeping. If he wasn’t sleeping, he was crying.  I was aware of the healing power of the Bethesda Ministry (our inner healing ministry here at Wellspring).  I decided to take Joey for a Bethesda prayer session.

Joey had a tumultuous time in utero. His Mom was beaten up a few times and I am sure there were punches to the stomach in the process. Mom was in a rehab where there was constant fighting, foul language, and general upheaval. Mom also drank up until 20 weeks of her pregnancy. She also drank 3 weeks before he was born. When he was born, Mom had COVID, so Joey was placed in ICU by himself with just a nurse coming in for 15 minutes once a shift. He was pretty much left by himself for the first week. The second week of his life, he went with Mom and Dad to a hotel that housed other transient people, with their addictions, lifestyle choices, and foul language. Both Mom and Dad fight verbally and physically with each other. Joey did not grow up in a peaceful environment those first few weeks, in addition to all the spiritual garbage he was exposed to in the different environments.

I brought Joey for his Bethesda appointment. The ministers prayed for an hour and anointed both Joey and myself with oil. After prayer, he had a beautiful peace poop in one of the prayer minister’s arms causing all of us to laugh. When I brought Joey home, his Uncle (who is helping me take care of Joey) recognized immediately the change in him and how peaceful he looked. We both noticed a change going forward as he smiled more and was more involved with his environment. He no longer went into a rage when crying. He would cry and I would appear and he would smile when he saw me. He is a much happier little boy.

Joey still has visits with his parents. He had one recently with his Dad, where he cried the whole time. His Uncle and I prayed over him before he left and anointed him with oil and prayed over him when he returned. The DCF worker noted that he cried the whole time during his visit. When I brought Joey into our house and smiled at him and welcomed him home, he gave me the biggest smile. He knew he was safe and comfortable again.

Because Joey does visit his parents once a week for an hour, I will be taking him for a Bethesda prayer session every couple of months to remove any traces of the enemy’s filth that may want to attach to him.

If you have a child who has experienced trauma, I highly recommend scheduling a Bethesda appointment. They may not recognize what they experienced but their spirit experienced it none the less. From my experience, it made a big difference.


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