Sermon Series: Justice and the Kingdom of God


Justice is one of the most important values in all human enterprise. It is foundational to the American social order. But beyond that, I believe all human beings crave justice. This desire is hardwired into us because we are made in the image of the Righteous Judge of all creation—Almighty God. Over the past several years justice has increasingly become the cry of many Americans. In one sense, this is not new. Most of us grew up reciting, “with liberty and justice for all” in the daily pledge of allegiance to the flag and what it represents. But in recent years the yearning has become stronger and more urgent because of the awareness of the lack of justice in much of our social order—and of the decided persistence of so much injustice in so many arenas of American life.

But what is justice? Who or what defines what is just and fair and right? And what proposed remedies actually lead to an increase in justice in a society? I have lived long enough to observe that some much-touted remedies only serve to worsen the problems they were designed to remedy. That is no help. Results, not intentions are the measure of success. Since justice is a Kingdom of God issue—and the Scriptures surely teach that it is–then this matter is something that ought to concern all Christ-followers.

But, as in all moral endeavors, the first step is to think clearly. And for believers, the first step is to think biblically. What does the Bible have to say about such current-event issues as racial justice? The sanctity of life? And what does humanity’s relationship with the Creator have to do with the quest for justice in our social order?

Over the next three weeks, I will be addressing the theme of justice, particularly the outworking of justice in some of the “hot-button issues” of our day. Please pray for me in this process and pray for all of us that we might have “ears to hear” beyond the cacophony of the political tumult that fills our airwaves. The cry of the Lord remains: But let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream! (Amos 5:24)

Pastor Rick

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