Coping with the Roaring 20s


There is a lot of roaring going on, some all around, and some we hear from the inside, from our spirits, or our sense of right and wrong, or even from our thread-bare emotions.

My latest example is that Pam recently had X-rays on her foot, and they said it would be at least a week before she would have results.  They can take the X-rays, but they are so short staffed on doctors that they are backlogged over a week!  Our natural reaction is irritation, frustration, or worse! (Pam is fine by the way!)

To help us deal with this unsettled, confused, and confusing world, Pastor Rick and I are going to dig into the stories and teaching of the scriptures. What does the Lord say and how does he instruct us to live in such a time as this?

With a light-hearted approach, we will take a meaningful look at how we can guard our hearts, shine his light, and even bring his Kingdom to the world around us, instead of decrying the world.  We will bring practical perspectives that we can apply in our everyday lives.

Coping With The Roaring 20s is a 2 month series that will include sermons such as What’s for Dinner?, Our Need to be Right may be Completely Wrong, and Bless this Mess.  Light-hearted, but every message will look at real truths and perspectives drawn from real Bible stories and teaching.  We have a real God who really cares about our real lives.

Because these messages are intended to provide very practical and applicable help for our daily lives, we will also write discussion and reflection starter questions to go with each topic.  We will provide these each week online for everyone.  We encourage you to use the sermons and the starter questions to facilitate healthy discussions about coping with all the roaring, within and without (as opposed to unhealthy lamenting…or worse.)

Each week’s discussion questions will be available on the Monday afternoon  after each sermon at and on the mobile app WellspringCT.


Pastor Wes

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