Connecticut State March for Life

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The first ever Connecticut State March for Life will be held on Wednesday, March 23rd at noon in Hartford. Marchers will rally at the state Capitol (north side) to call for life-affirming laws and for an end to the continued expansion of extreme abortion policies in Connecticut. Pastor Rick is planning to join many other pastors and people of faith there and he would like to invite many from the Wellspring family to be part of this historical, first-ever March for Life in Connecticut.

“God is the author of life and values each and every person who bears his image–including the most vulnerable who are yet in the womb,” says Pastor Rick. “Further, our Declaration proclaims the right to life as our first God-granted inalienable right. Yet, our state is one of the most hostile in the nation to the rights and protection of the unborn–and is even unfriendly to the very existence of pro-life pregnancy centers that would help a woman who wants to keep her baby. I am planning to be at the Capitol for the March to stand with the unborn. I hope many from Wellspring will join me there.”

The March for Life is being co-sponsored by the Family Institute of Connecticut, along with other pro-life groups in our state. Peter Wolfgang from FIC, Archbishop Leroy Bailey from First Cathedral and Christina Bennett of Live Action will be two of the featured speakers.  For more information, click HERE.

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