Exploration of Evangelism

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An Introduction to and Exploration of Evangelism

Do we know how to share our faith?  Not just information, but what we believe and why it matters? Steve Ericksen, a faithful member of Wellspring, is offering a two hour class: An Introduction to and Exploration of Evangelism.  In the class we will discuss Jesus’ call on all of us to share the Good News we’ve been graced to receive.  We’ll explore motives and ways to connect and reach people inspired by the Holy Spirit’s love.  We’ll share various types of evangelism and ways and opportunities to connect with others. And we’ll get acquainted with common questions and answers that will welcome people into their own exploration and desires to get to know our Lord.

Wellspring appreciates Steve and his offer to teach this class from his own experience and evangelistic passion.

The two-hour class will be after church in The Space on Sunday, April 24.  A simple lunch will be provided.  For more information or to sign up for the class, please visit Steve in the Café after a Sunday service.  You can also sign up by contacting the church office or sending an email to registration@wellspring.net.

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