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“As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace”. 1 Peter 4:10.

Last June, we launched the Wellspring Care Ministry.  Our goal is to extend Christian care, concern, and support to our congregation by helping each other during crisis or particularly busy times by utilizing the gifts and talents of our Wellspring Family.  We’re very grateful to all who have joined the team, and we are looking to add more team members to minister care for our church.  It takes the whole church to care for the whole church.

Since last June, we have helped people from our congregation who were referred to us for help.  Sometimes a simple phone conversation can make all the difference in helping people realize that they are not alone in the trials they are facing.  We also refer people to Wellspring’s Stephen Ministry, which follows people more closely and for a longer period of time. Our work on the Care Team is more short term and needs driven, helping with the here and now matters that can make all the difference in a person’s life.

Wellspring Care Ministry Team is designed to care for all of our church family, which includes members and attendees of Wellspring.

Support in Time of Grief: We want to provide care for emergencies that arise…that includes deaths in the family. One of the caring things we can do for a family in mourning is to help them in their time of grief by coordinating the reception after a memorial service. We would need a funeral reception coordinator, and volunteers to help serve the meal and clean up afterwards.

Care for the Sick: We also want to provide care for those who are dealing with an illness or recovering from surgery by helping to provide meals, prayer, and support.

Birth of Baby: We want to help families when a baby is born, by providing meals and running errands, etc.

Transportation: Another area of need involves giving people rides to and from doctor appointments. It would be helpful to have a list of volunteers, so that the burden doesn’t fall on a few people.

Home Visits and Phone Calls: The Care Team also would also be there to support and encourage our Wellspring family as needed. This includes having consistent and regular contact with our homebound members where people can visit and make check in phone calls to see if they have any needs we can help them with.

Do you, or someone you know, need care?

We can’t help people if we don’t know that they need help.  To receive care for yourself or if you know someone in the congregation who could use care, please fill out a care card.  Please make sure that before you refer someone that you ask your friend or relative for permission so that they don’t get surprised or upset when someone from the Care Team reaches out to them.  Care cards will be available in the seat backs in the sanctuary as well as at the Welcome Center after services on Sunday.

Would you consider joining the Care Team?

We are looking for more people to become Care Team Members and Care Team Volunteers.  Care Team Members meet once a month, usually the last Tuesday of the month.  Care Team members also receive emails throughout the month concerning updates and prayer requests of those we are helping to care for.  Care Team Volunteers sign up to do specific things and are contacted to help on an as needed basis.

There are many opportunities to use our gifts and talents to serve one another. Please prayerfully consider how you can serve others in our Wellspring Family. For more information, visit the Welcome Center any week to find out about how you can become involved in this vital ministry.  You can also email chrisann@wellspring.net if you have any questions.

Financial Assistance and Helpline Phone Number: There is also one-time financial assistance available to regular attendees and members of Wellspring. The Elder Emergency Fund is designed to provide financial assistance to Wellspring families in need. This fund is not part of our budget but is supported monetarily by people in the congregation who are interested in helping to provide financial assistance when times are difficult. There is a space on our giving envelopes where you can donate to the Elder Emergency Fund for such needs that exist within our Wellspring Community.  For help and financial assistance, you can call the Wellspring Helpline at 860-225-0661 ext. 141.

Thank you so much for your prayerful consideration in volunteering to serve one another through the Wellspring Care Team Ministry.

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