Sermon Discussion Questions For 4/17/22

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Sermon Discussion Questions for April 17, 2022

1. As you consider the troubling nature of so many world events, does this ever impact you in a deep way personally? Do you ever find yourself becoming angry or disheartened; anxious or unsettled in your own life as you try to make sense of things going on in the world? What do you do to resolve these feelings or to integrate them into your faith walk?

2. Do the injustices and suffering in the world ever cause you to question your faith? Or to question the purposes of God?

3. How does the vision of the Risen and Glorified Christ that John shares with us in Revelation 5 impact your confidence in the purposes of God and his goodness?

4. What is the point of tension or integration in your understanding of Biblical faith between “knowing Jesus as your personal Savior” and the vision of Revelation 5 that portrays him as the Redeemer of the world and the course of human history?

5. As an exercise, take some time as a group to pray for the headlines of these past couple weeks from the vantage point of the scene depicted in      Revelation 5. After this time of prayer, reflect upon this together as a group about how this perspective helped to shape your prayers. How did this feel while praying from the perspective of the throne room scene?

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