Kathie Minerly Serving as Elder Chair

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Kathie Minerly Serving as Elder Chair

We have an excellent team of elders who faithfully serve the Wellspring family. And with the direction of the Lord, they have asked Kathie Minerly to chair the board for the coming year. Kathie, just recently retired from the Farmington school system, has agreed to take on this responsibility.

The chairperson convenes and leads the monthly board meetings. Kathie and Nadine Brennan (the former chair) meet with the pastors to help plan and prepare for these meetings. Kathie is also available to the congregation as a contact point person for the board.

The elder board represents the congregation and are charged with governing the congregation and supporting the pastors and staff as they give leadership to the ministry of Wellspring. They also serve as an accountability board for the pastors and the church staff.

Please pray for Kathie and for the entire Elder Board in the critical role they fill in our body. Kathie’s contact information is: eldercontact@wellspring.net

Blessings, Pastor Rick

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