Sermon Discussion Questions For 4/24/22

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1. Can you think of a significant time in your life when Jesus “showed up” like he did that day on the Emmaus Road? What were the details of that story and how did that affect your journey?

2. In his interaction with the two disciples, Jesus opened up to them the OT Scriptures to speak to them about Messiah’s calling and mission. Why do you think this was significant? What do you imagine these two shared about this biblical seminar with the other disciples when they reconnected with them in Jerusalem? How do you think this Scripture discussion prepared the two disciples for their eyes being opened to “see” the Risen Christ?

3. Have you ever wondered why Jesus chose to have this discussion and reveal himself to these two walkers instead of some of those back in Jerusalem? (There is no right or wrong answer here–use your inspired imagination.)

4. “The road to encounter is paved with the Scriptures.” Can you think of a time in your life when this was your experience? A time when you were searching for something from the Lord and the Scriptures became the path to encounter?

5. The disciples strongly urged the as-yet-unknown traveler to stay with them. Can you think of a time when the Lord’s presence “showed up” and by pressing into him and his presence your experience with him in that moment deepened and increased?

6. Jesus reveals himself in the “breaking of the bread.” Is there an encounter with the Lord that you have experienced during communion that you would be willing to share with the group?

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