Living a Called Life

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Discussion Questions for 5/8/22 – Living a Called Life

  1. Take a few moments and reflect on a time when you felt like you were living in your purpose.  It can be a moment where you felt like you came alive while serving in a specific ministry or performing within a certain art form.  These can be clues to our calling.  What was that moment?  What was that activity?  What was that ministry?
  2. Although the expression of the Kingdom that we see on Sundays is a beautiful one, we don’t want to settle for that being the best expression we see!  How have you seen the Kingdom on display outside of a church setting?  How can you see yourself partnering with God in those Kingdom displays?
  3. Think about the importance of “Living a life worthy of our call”, as it says in Ephesians 4.  How has your life been a testimony to the calling God has placed on your life?  What role does integrity play in a calling?
  4. Unity is the overarching goal within our calling.  Unity among believers and unity alongside those our calling draws to the Lord.  Reflect on how our callings are meant to complement each other.
  5. Spend time praying that God would reveal callings to those searching for it.  There are promises to be stepped into, callings to be answered.  Pray that they would choose to step into them!
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