Giving God Something to Work With

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Discussion Questions for 5/15/22: Giving God $omething to Work With

This teaching on I Kings 17 has to do with God’s provision in the midst of an ongoing national crisis. With both these things in mind, here are some discussion questions.

1. What is the most difficult season you have ever had to go through in terms of your own personal finances? Was faith in God as your provider part of that journey? How did your faith help you? Was there any special guidance or direction that the Lord gave you for that time? What lessons about trust did you learn in that season?

2. Reflect on the reality that Elijah’s obedience in confronting Ahab also had consequences for him (Elijah). How do you imagine you might have felt during a season of hiding at the Kirith Ravine? Have you ever gone through a test of obeying God or doing some difficult assignment and have some not-so-pleasant consequences of your obedience? How did that feel?

3. Imagine yourself in the sandals of the widow of Zarephath . . . How do you think you might have felt had Elijah given you the instructions that he gave her? What do you think she felt the next day when she went to the flour and oil and found more there? The day after that? Have you ever gone through a season of extreme God-given provision? What did you learn from that time? How do those lessons translate into your walk of faith now?

4. Discuss the concept of giving God something to work with. How does this apply to other parts of life besides trusting Him for provision?

5. Does anyone have anything to share from what God might have been speaking to them through this teaching or through the challenge of giving to the house in Guatemala at the close of the service?

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