May Your Kingdom Come to Uvalde

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Discussion Questions for 5/29/22: May Your Kingdom Come to Uvalde

This week we are going to take the opportunity to share our hearts and feelings about what happened last week in Uvalde and to reflect upon the Scriptures in regard to this tragedy.

1. What are your deepest heart-responses and feelings about this tragedy? Can you share them with one another–not political perspectives, but heart responses? What are the kinds of questions that arise in your heart when these things happen? Have you been able to share these questions directly with the Lord? If so, what can you share about this interaction with Him?

2. As a group read aloud Psalm 11. Have the group read v 1a aloud together; then have one person read aloud what follows in quotes (1b-3); then have the group read the rest of the psalm aloud together. What is David’s main answer to the threat/fear that he is facing? How does this speak to your heart about what you might be facing?

3. Pastor Rick emphasized verse 3–“When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?” Does it feel to you like the foundations are cracking and crumbling around us and beneath us? How do we respond?

4. Jesus says in Luke 12:32 that our Father has been pleased to give us the Kingdom. In the preceding verse he tells us to seek the Kingdom. How does it give you confidence to seek the Kingdom of God in your life, in your situation knowing that the Father desires for you to experience the Kingdom?

5. How can you as a person; how can the group make a Kingdom response to what has occurred in Uvalde?

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