Wellspring 2022 Fall Programs

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Wellspring 2022 Fall Programs
This fall, Wellspring will offer 3 opportunities for spiritual growth and relational connections. Please review these programs and see which one fits you. Don’t miss the chance to take advantage of these significant and valuable resources. Join the Wellspring community as together we pursue the Lord and his transforming work in our lives and into our world.

Did you ever wish you could gain a better understanding of God and the Christian faith, or share your faith with others in an easy, non-threatening way? The Alpha Course may be for you and for your family members, friends, neighbors, and co-workers too! Think of Alpha as ‘dinner and a movie’, where all are welcome to come for a light dinner, view a video of 20-25 minutes, and then participate in open discussion where all questions are encouraged.
The Alpha Course will run Monday nights from September 19 to December 5 in the Wellspring Café.  

CLICK HERE for more information and registration for Alpha.

Small Groups
A vital and lifegiving part of Wellspring is our small groups. In these small mid-week gatherings we truly get to know each other, walk with each other, and do life together. It is what the scriptures call “one anothering”.

This fall our small groups will synchronize with our Sunday morning sermons, as we walk through the book of James together. Using the teaching of Francis Chan and video resources from RightNow Media, we will dive into the wisdom and direction the apostle James sets forth for us. The theme of ‘Living a life of faith and hope in a troubled world’ will challenge us in practical and spiritual ways.

Small Groups will be re-convening in September. The Study on James will begin the week of September 18th.

CLICK HERE for more information about the study, our small groups, and how to join.

The Other Half of Church
The Other Half of Church is the name of a ground-breaking new book by Jim Wilder and Michel Hendricks. The title flows from the thesis of the book that the Western church, for the most part, has been trying to “do church,” i.e. become disciples of Jesus, with only half of our brains. In part, the book is based on exciting new discoveries from neuroscience as to how both halves of the brain actually work together, and how a person’s character is formed and transformed.

Our entire staff recently read and studied through this groundbreaking book. All of the material is accessible to a layperson and very practical, as in “How can I do this?” We are excited to be able to share this book and a series of discussions around it with the congregation.

Pastor Rick will personally facilitate the eight discussion sessions (one per chapter) on Wednesday evenings beginning on October 12th.

CLICK HERE for more information about the book, the discussion sessions, and registration for The Other Half of Church.

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