The Sacred Us



What is The Sacred Us?  And what is the challenge attached to this phrase?  And why should we care?

The Sacred Us is the Body of Christ; the people of God; the community of faith that is Wellspring Church.

The challenge attached to this calling as a Sacred Us is the call to own our Kingdom future—together.  As we close the chapter on the past thirty months of pandemic and shutdowns and prepare for the next season of ministry together, the challenge is to prepare to move into that future as a Body.

As a congregation we have weathered these past two and a half years pretty well.  Some folks have drifted away and not come back.  New people have begun to attend.  We have held together; we are together.  Most of our ministries are up and running again.  The Lord’s presence is demonstrably manifest in our worship gatherings.  He is at work in many of our lives.  We have much to be grateful for.

But . . . we are looking at a projected deficit of $65,000 by the end of the year.  We have cut expenses in just about every conceivable way we know how to do.  But if this deficit is not met, we will be faced with some very hard decisions that could lead to cuts in our ministries and outreach.

Hence, we are facing a challengeHowever, the challenge is much bigger than simply meeting a financial deficit.  The challenge is to own the Kingdom future that is before us.

The Sacred Us Challenge puts before us three commitments to consider over the final quarter of 2022.  We are asking everyone to seek the Lord about three expressions of our life together.  The first is how is the Lord leading me to connect more with the life and people of Wellspring?  The second has to do with serving—how is the Lord leading me to use my gifts and talents to further the ministry here and beyond?  And the third challenge is to ask the Lord how he might be leading me to give above my regular giving in order to meet this financial deficit?  Please take some time to ponder these commitments and seek the Lord for his direction.   Our Kingdom future is before us to own and step into.

As a way to celebrate The Sacred Us that is Wellspring and launch into these final three months of the year together, we are hosting a church-wide BBQ after service on Sunday, October 2 (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO ON THE BBQ).  On that Sunday there will be a time to formally sign on to the challenge and to express our commitment to the Lord and to The Sacred Us that is Wellspring.  The BBQ is being generously underwritten by two of our members and the cooking will be done by our own “Pete the Butcher.”  You won’t want to miss it!

You can let us know how you are responding to the challenges by clicking HERE. We welcome the opportunity to assist you in getting more connected and serving at Wellspring.

Blessings, Pastor Rick

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