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Hey Wellspring Family!

Over the last several months, we have had a Young Adults gathering in our home. We have been meeting since March, and have met one Friday night and one Saturday morning each month. Friday nights have developed into an amazing time of fellowship, a pot-luck meal, and a discussion prompted by an open-ended question about our life with Jesus. We have found that Young Adult believers need a place where they can be transparent and vulnerable about where they are in their faith, to be encouraged by others their age, to have people that will celebrate their victories with them, or even just know that they are not alone as part of an age group that often gets lost in the shuffle within the church. Our nights conclude in prayer for one another. This is what our Friday nights are about!

Saturday mornings are primarily for the purpose of fellowship. We love hanging out with one another, so we do so around a breakfast pot-luck, and see where our organic conversations with one another take us!

In the combination of both of these times, it is clear what God is calling us to do: Build Community. That has been our focus. We have built a core group of Young Adults, as well as a simple and effective way to build that community, and we would love for you to come alongside us and be a part of it!


So if you are between the ages of 18 and 34, we would love to invite you to our YA Fellowship Gathering on Sunday, October 30th at 1 pm at the Rosario Household (202 Lincoln Street, Berlin – adjacent to Wellspring Church parking lot)!

There will be food and fellowship, as it serves as an opportunity for the Young Adults in the Wellspring community to become acquainted with one another and create connections. This event will hopefully serve as a springboard for you to join us on Friday nights and/or Saturday mornings each month.

We look forward to the opportunity to meet you, get to know you better, and hopefully build relationships that serve as foundations to do life together! Feel free to reach out for any more information!


In other news, our new Missio year has started and there has been quite a bit of growth! Our group has grown in number, but our returning youth have also grown and matured. We are excited about some of the opportunities that we have over the next few months, from our annual fall hike to our participation in outreaches such as The Hartford Project, as well as what we are planning on our own.

As a ministry, we would like to thank everyone for their participation in our School Supply Outreach. Berlin Public School District was extremely grateful and wrote us and the congregation a thank you letter. It was a massive success thanks to our church’s willingness to give.

Grace and Peace!

John Rosario

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