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This past Sunday, there was a great response to joining the Wellspring Kids Team – THANK YOU!  We are praying that the Team will be completely full.  If you would also like to invest in our Kids, please sign up in the Café or email

Our Wellspring Kids are incredible, and they are also The Sacred Us!  There is a sweet community that has developed among them through the years.  It is such a gift to talk with them about Jesus, and to discover their God-given gifts.

There is a lot that goes into serving our Kids and Families; and we couldn’t do it without our amazing Team!  Wellspring Kids has 5 classrooms for ages 0-12.  We need a minimum of 2 adults per classroom, per week – along with the very important help from our Teenagers.  Team members typically serve once every 5 weeks.  That means we would ideally need 50 adults on our Team.  We currently have 30 Adults and 10 Teens.  For many years we have had less than this ideal number – but through the generous help of many adults and teens who serve every week or every other week, we have been able to staff our classrooms.

With Chris Ann Tufts*, our previous Administrative Assistant for Wellspring Kids, leaving staff, and now serving once a month; and a few other Team Leaders who can no longer serve as often, we are experiencing a scheduling challenge.  We have been scrambling most weeks and have had to ask people to serve more often to fill in the gaps.  And since Chris Ann is no longer my weekly “Wing-Woman,” I am flying solo in my role as the Director.  Sunday mornings require a ton of work in order to serve our Kids with a smooth and safe program.  Therefore, I am asking for a team of people to serve on rotation as a “Wingman” or “Wing-Woman” to help me each Sunday with Registration and behind the scenes problem-solving from 9:45am until the classes are settled after worship (which is approximately 10:45am).  The commitment is for about one hour.  If 6-8 people sign up, each team member will serve once every 6-8 weeks.

Thank you for prayerfully considering these opportunities to serve in our Nurseries, or in the Classrooms as a Helper or Teacher; or as a “Wingman” or “Wingwoman.”  Our Kids deserve our best, and with everyone’s help, we will be able to continue to provide a great Wellspring Kids Ministry!

Jenn Olszyk
Director of Wellspring Kids

* A BIG SHOUT OUT to Chris Ann Tufts for her many dedicated years of serving the Kids and Families of Wellspring with such love and joy! I dearly miss working with her, but I am so grateful for her continued friendship, and that she continues to Teach Kids once a month!  Thanks Chris Ann!

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