Wellspring Financial Update


One of the challenges before us this fall with The Sacred Us is our finances. As a ministry we are completely self-sustaining. Everyone’s tithes and offerings provide for all the expenses of Wellspring, from facilities, to ministry, to staff.

In September, we shared with the congregation that without changes, we would finish the year $65k behind our actual expenses. We are pleased to share that the last six weeks reversed that trajectory. Everyone’s generosity coupled with minimizing our expenses has so far cut that projected deficit in half! Thank you Lord, and thank you Wellspring! We have two months remaining to give God glory and to equip our ministry for what lies before us.

We are grateful for the heart and commitment of the Wellspring family and the Wellspring staff. Let’s all continue to seek the Lord for his favor and provision for Wellspring and for the people and families who attend, serve, and give to this ministry. Together we desire to be The Sacred Us and own our Kingdom future.

With love and blessings,
The Pastors and Elders

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