Financial Update as of November 30


In September, we informed you that we were significantly trending behind our expenses. In fact, the trajectory we were on would leave us $50,000 – $70,000 behind our expenses at the end of the year. We started The Sacred Us – a call to own our Kingdom Future. We asked for a commitment to Wellspring, our shared community and ministry. As of the end of October, we informed you that the trajectory had turned, and instead of falling further behind we were shrinking our deficit.

We are excited to share with you that as of the end of November, we have covered all our expenses to date! Glory to God in the highest and thanks to all of you who have been contributing! To be clear, we still have some significant expenses in December, so we will need to finish well. We encourage you all to continue to seek the Lord for how you would give.

However, our excitement is about much more than just covering our expenses for this year. It’s about who we believe God is calling us to be. It’s about being a light in this world – a place for Him to reside and for His light to shine. We want to continue to press into our kingdom future.

We want to follow the Lord into his plans and purposes for Wellspring. We continue to find ourselves in a time of “staging” for what’s in front of us. There is still a lot of uncertainty ahead of us, but we can be certain that the Lord is leading us. The Lord has a purpose for us and we are going to continue to walk not only into tomorrow, but into our sacred kingdom future.

We declare that the glory of the future ministry will be greater than the glory of our past. Lord, take what we have to offer and may you the God of the impossible make things possible beyond what we can do or imagine, to your glory!

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