WHO CARES???  Well, God for One!  As the Father of His family of believers, He makes us sacred; we are His Sacred Us.  And He takes the care or neglect of His family very personally.  Matthew 25:30 states, “Whatsoever you do to the least of My brethren, that you do unto Me.” And in verse 35, “Whatsoever you do not do to the least of My brethren, that you do not do unto Me.”  (Some versions say whatever you neglect to do or refuse to do for them, you neglect or refuse to do for Him.)  Since God takes this so personally, we need to take it seriously!  And that is one of the reasons the Care Team at Wellspring exists:  we’re family taking care of family, dispensing the love of our Father to our sisters and brothers in Christ.

Who is eligible for this care?  Anyone who is an attendee or member of Wellspring who needs assistance due to injury, illness; loss of a loved one, loss of a job, loss of ability to drive; birth or adoption of a baby; transportation to and from medical appointments, church, or church-related events; minor house repairs; visitations, phone calls, and cards.  If you are not sure which ministry to reach out to, where to start to get help, or whether to reach out for help, please contact us.  If your need is beyond the scope of our ministry, let us come alongside you and guide you to the ministry or agency that can be of help.  You can contact us by filling out a care card found in the seatbacks in the sanctuary; or email us at careteam@wellspring.net; or call the Wellspring helpline at 860-225-0661 ext.117 and speak to our Administrator Jaisy Martin.

How can you help us?  First, if you’re in need, allow us in to help you.  The help is coming from your loving Father; and yes, by virtue of being His child, your inheritance includes receiving help from the family of God.  The Care Team is one of the vehicles He’s using to deliver it!  Please don’t go through the Valley of the Shadow of your Whatsoever alone; God is near and He wants us, “Jesus with skin on”, to be near too.

Second, we need volunteers to help deliver these services.  Won’t you please consider providing a meal, a ride, a visit/card/phone call?  If you have experience in minor home repairs or social services, we can use your help.  Most of all, if you have a servant’s heart, please contact us; we need you!  If you think you’re too old, just remember “God’s people don’t retire; we refire”!  And no matter what age we are, we all need to let God refire our hearts to help care for His family!  Will you do “whatsoever” for Jesus?  Will you join the One Who cares?

Please contact us at careteam@wellspring.net to volunteer in this important ministry or to let us know that you need help.

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