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Thank you for your ongoing participation in the Sacred Us family here at Wellspring. We appreciate you, and we appreciate all you do.

This past Sunday 4/23, Abby Richardson showed us an example of a Sacred Us volunteer using her communications education to help further the kingdom here through the Young Adult group. We are grateful for her efforts and her willingness to serve.

As part of Wellspring’s ongoing work to advance the kingdom in this region, we are looking for people to serve in the following areas:

Worship Team Musicians
Worship Arts Production (includes sound technicians, display, video, computer technicians)
Graphic Design Experience
Website Design Experience
App Design Experience

If you’d like to learn more about these organizational needs and how you can volunteer, please email me at


Thank you for your interest in serving Wellspring as part of the Sacred Us family. God is encouraging all of us to form greater connections with Him and with those around us as we find where we best fit within the family and ministry.  Wellspring will be blessed, strengthened, and made more complete as well.

There are so many more ways to be part of The Sacred Us family than we may realize.  The list includes helping others here at Wellspring through our Care Ministry, providing technical support for the Wellspring office, hosting a small group in your home, making and distributing hot meals to the homeless and needy in New Britain…and the list goes on.  Please see the full list on the form to see where you may fit in the best.

We want to hightlight three specific areas of need:
1. Website development, communications experience.
2. Worship Arts sound technicians, computer skills, video skills.
3. Worship Arts muscians.

For these specific areas and many more, complete and submit this FORM.

We will contact you promptly to identify the next steps based on your interest, experience, and abilities. Thank you again for being part of the Sacred Us family. We are waiting to hear from you and we can’t wait to link arms with you!!

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