Wellspring to Join Millions In Unprecedented Prayer And Fasting For Israel

For the background information about the Isaiah 62 Fast,


Isaiah 62 Fast . . . what is that?  It is a call that has gone out to the global Body of Christ to pray and fast for God’s purposes for Israel and the Jewish people during the 21 days leading up to Pentecost, 2023.  This call originated from the International House of Prayer in Kansas City (IHOP KC) and has caught the hearts of God’s people all over the world.  Literally thousands of ministries and over a million intercessors will be joining in on this effort from May 7-May 28.  Wellspring has registered as a “hub-site” for this unprecedented effort as we are joining in to call on the Lord and give him no rest till he establishes his redemptive purposes for his chosen people and his promised land (Isaiah 62:6,7).

Why pray for Israel?  The Lord’s promises and purposes to redeem his creation still involve an end-time turning of his chosen people to Messiah Jesus.  God has miraculously preserved the Jewish people over the centuries and providentially brought them back to the “holy land” that he gave to them millennia ago.  Modern national Israel is currently far from being the vehicle of God’s will, but they are back in the land.  And the Spirit has been moving in Israel to begin to open the hearts of the Jewish people to their Messiah and to establish a growing network of Messianic congregations in Israel.  Wellspring helps to support such a congregation in Jerusalem through our friend, Ariel Blumenthal, who pastors that congregation with his wife, Vered.

Teaching Series.  Beginning with a look at Romans 9-11, Pastor Rick will kick off a new series this Sunday, April 23 teaching about these biblical end-time strategies and understanding. Pastors Rick and Wes will lead us through this topic for six weeks, concluding on May 28, Pentecost Sunday.  We are very excited to be joined by dear friends and guest speakers, Olga Calvo (IHOP KC), Ariel Blumenthal (Revive Israel), and Bishop Arnold Muwange (Uganda Bridge).

Prayer Initiative.  In addition to the teaching series, Wellspring will host a one-hour prayer gathering every day from Sunday, May 7 through Sunday, May 28, partnering with the million+ intercessors globally who are also praying and fasting through these 21 days.  The prayer initiative will end on Sunday morning May 28 during the 10:00 worship service.

In Romans 11, the Apostle Paul links the progress of the gospel among the nations with the turning of the Jewish people back to their rejected Messiah.  What an exciting global expression of prayer and fasting to be part of! We are encouraging you to consider where you can join us.

Wellspring Schedule:

  – Sundays: 5pm Worship, Prayer and Communion

  – Mondays: 12pm Prayer

  – Tuesdays: 9am Staff Worship and Prayer – open to everyone.

  – Wednesdays: 7am Worship, Prayer and Communion

  – Thursdays: 12pm Prayer

   – Fridays: 7am Worship and Prayer

  – Saturdays: 8am Prayer

We will pray for:

Israel and the turning of the Jewish people to their Messiah.

The peace/shalom of Jerusalem (Psalm 122:6) and the security of Israel.

The Palestinian people and the move of God’s Spirit among them—there are a growing number of Palestinian believers in Jesus. God’s desire is for both Palestinians and Israelis to know his salvation and his peace.

The Kingdom of God to be established in the Promised Land that has long been wracked with division, bloodshed, and open hostility.

The fulfillment of the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) among the nations and peoples of the earth.

Location: All Prayer Gatherings will be held on the patio or in the sanctuary, depending upon the weather.  They will be led by the pastors and elders.

Fasting:  In addition to prayer, we are encouraging you to consider some expression of fasting during these three weeks—either for a meal a day or fasting from meat or sweets or fasting one or two days a week.  Some may also want to fast from social media during this consecrated time.

Written Prayer:  As well as the prayer gatherings, we will include a prayer for Israel and God’s redemptive purpose in all our organized gathering (Sunday morning services, Small groups, etc.) We have crafted the following concise prayer.  All of you are encouraged to add it into your lives throughout the 21 days.

Lord, we join believers all around the world and pray for the peace of Jerusalem, the security of the nation of Israel, and the land of Palestine.  We pray that the eyes and hearts of the Jewish people would be opened to their Messiah, Jesus.  We pray for the fulfillment of the Great Commission to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth, and the soon return of the Lord Jesus–all to your glory Lord and for the good of your world. AMEN.

A global prayer initiative on this magnitude has never happened before, and for such a significant purpose, a passion on the heart of our Lord. Please consider joining your hearts and prayers with Wellspring’s and this global solemn assembly.

Blessings, Pastors Rick and Wes

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