Connections, Sacred Us Sundays and Pizza!

It’s easy to attend services on Sunday morning or attend a class and yet not get to really know many or even any of your Wellspring family. So we have relaunched our Connections Ministry with the hope and purpose of providing simple enjoyable ways for us to connect with each other. We especially want to include newcomers so they (or you, if you fit this description) will be welcomed and known.

The Lord created us for connection. The scriptures say we are members of one body, each part supporting the others, interconnected and maintaining the vibrant flow of healthy life for the church and individuals. We are urged to stay connected with other believers and avoid spiritual isolation, to encourage one another, inspire each other, and strengthen the bonds of faith and fellowship. We are called to be a family, and we thrive when we do this well.
There are endless ways to get connected and to connect others to Wellspring’s family and ministry. The Connections team is working on quite of few of them now, and we will begin with these two expressions of family:

Sacred Us Sundays

Testimony Sundays will now be called Sacred Us Sundays. Over the past 2 years we have been evolving the first Sunday of each month from a day when we share a testimony into a whole morning of Wellspring community. In addition to worshiping in song and communion, we will fill the services with testimonies, or opportunities for healing prayer, or baptisms, and other expressions of shared Wellspring family.

A year ago we grabbed hold of the name Sacred Us to describe us. We are not only a collection of believers, but an expression of the Body of Christ with Jesus as our head and the Holy Spirit heartbeat of life. We know the Lord blessed this name as a unifying and identifying moniker for who we are. We are Wellspring. We are the Sacred Us. So, the first Sunday of each month are now Sacred Us Sundays.

Pizza Lunch

On Sunday, Sept. 10th, there will be a free pizza luncheon in the café for everyone. Please join us at least for a little while. The pizza will be good (as Peter Burk says, “free food is my favorite kind of food!”), but our desire will be to visit with old friends and new friends you may be meeting for the first time. As a family, we want to Connect.
These are just the first two events. There will be plenty more coming. The purpose is not just events, it’s to grow as a community and as the Body of Christ for all our benefit and for his Kingdom’s glory.

Join the Connections Team

With many great ideas in the works for connecting, there is also plenty of room for you to be part of the fun. If you would like to join the team, or have suggestions, please contact Kathie Minerly at (You can also find her at the Pizza Lunch. She’ll be wearing the name tag KATHIE!)

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