Pizza, Pizza!

“Pizza! Pizza!,” as Little Caesar says, knowing how we all come running for pizza! Well, it was actually Big Y pizza, and many of us did come for pizza this past Sunday! But what was much more on offer to us on Sunday as we shared a slice or two, was a chance to encounter Jesus in encountering others in our Wellspring family of faith. It was delightful to see us all put on those nametags, sit at our colored “assigned” tables and share ourselves with folks we may not have met before. Hopefully, new friendships were begun and established relationships strengthened. It was the Sacred Us in action, gathered in Jesus’ name, and we believe He was in our midst and was glorified.

The Connections Team is thankful for everyone who helped, gave toward and attended the pizza luncheon, and we look forward to more “family meals” together. The purpose of the Connections team is to create more avenues and opportunities for our Wellspring family to connect with one another to build fun, encouraging, faith-building relationships. We are actively planning up-coming events, so be sure to listen for announcements and check out what is scheduled on the Wellspring website and social media.

It turns out Little Caesar only knows what Jesus already knows…..that people love to come together in unity. But Jesus followers know that the unity of our faith and fellowship is far better than just unity in a love for pizza!

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