Upcoming Class: Habakkuk – Dealing with (Un)Answered Prayer

Habakkuk, A Case Study in (Un)Answered Prayer is the intriguing name of a four week class that Pastor Rick will be teaching at Wellspring, beginning Monday, October 30.  The class is open to anyone and evening sessions will be from 7:00pm-8:30pm for four Mondays, from October 30 to November 20.

“Habakkuk has long been a favorite book for me,” says Pastor Rick.  “It is an unfolding dialogue between the prophet and the Lord on such matters as unanswered prayer, God’s justice in the world, disappointment with God, God’s surprises and the need for great faith in times of uncertainty.  Only three short chapters, the book is filled with great perspectives and wisdom on some of the toughest faith challenges we can face.  I think it is very applicable to many of the things God’s people are struggling with as we watch the unraveling of American society and wonder: Where is God in all this?”

The class will combine both lecture and discussion format.  The only materials required for each student is a Bible and a journal.  You can sign up in the Café on Sunday October 22nd.  You can also sign up for the class by CLICKING HERE.

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