We’ve Never Been This Way Before

How do we live as Christians in a world that’s falling apart?  This is the question we will be asking as we look at lessons from the book of Daniel.

On Sunday, February 11th, we began a new preaching series we’re calling, “We’ve Never Been This Way Before.”   We will build on our January focus of consecration and our 2024 year verse, “Since you’ve never been this way before, consecrate yourselves for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you.” Joshua 3:4,5

We will look at the experience of Daniel, and the remnants of Jews who found themselves no longer in the Holy Land, but instead captives in the debased city of Babylon. We will draw upon their experience and let it speak to us today.  Can God still be God in a hostile culture? How do we remain strong in our faith and identity in a society increasingly fixated on other gods? There are so many insights from the story of Daniel’s life which was lived in exile, but always lived in covenant devotion to the Lord.

We are excited to look at many practical lessons from the book of Daniel. We hope you will join us Sundays throughout February and March.

Also, if you are interested there is a worthwhile video based study of Daniel that some of our Small Groups will be working through.  If you are interested in possibly joining a group or using the study on your own, you can access it on the Right Now Media platform. Wellspring subscribes to this platform for you.  Wellspring invited you to access it a couple years ago.  If you are not set up or need any help, please contact us at office@wellspring.net and we’d love to help you get set up!

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