The Elders would like to remind everyone of the upcoming Wellspring Family Meeting this Sunday evening, December 3, at 6:30 PM.

Typically at this time of year, we hold an annual congregational/business meeting where we present the budget for the coming year and our pastors present their plans and visions for Wellspring.  Well, we haven’t had typical for a couple of years now.

We are grateful for the Lord’s faithful ministering to Wellspring each and every week.  However, some of the journey as a family of believers has been difficult, extraordinary, and at times exhausting.  We continue to deal with the challenges with God’s guidance, the staff’s commitment, and your input and prayers.  

Due to the fact that The Elder Board hasn’t offered the congregations any updates or times of discussion since this past July, we decided to modify our meeting schedule a bit.  This Sunday, December 3rd, will be a Family Meeting, where the elders will update the congregation about what they’ve been working through for Wellspring, including updates on Pastor Rick.  It is our desire to give our update to the congregation in a meeting where everyone can hear the information together, and then provide the opportunity for feedback, questions, comments and discussion. There will be no voting at the Family Meeting, but there will be plenty of time for conversation.

The annual Congregational Meeting will be moved to Sunday, January 14, 2018, at which time we will present the budget to be voted on and any other business to be discussed.

Because we want to share information with everyone as a church family, please make it a priority to attend both meetings.

Thank you all and thank you all for your prayers; please continue praying during this time.


Terry Griswold and the Elder Board



222 Lincoln Street, Berlin, CT
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