CMP 2016For the last month or so, we have been sharing bits and pieces about this year’s Celebrate Mount Pleasant. It is now time to hear the whole story and sign up to take part in God’s plan to bring hope to the Mount Pleasant community in New Britain.

Celebrate Mount Pleasant is not just your everyday outreach to a low income housing community. Celebrate Mount Pleasant is a chance to impact families in a deep and meaningful way. It’s a time where we can take the light of Christ that shines within us and share it with a community in need of hope. We want to let the families of Mount Pleasant know that their lives matter and they are loved by God. It’s a time to bring our physical and spiritual gifts together, working side by side with the families, to bring the joy of Jesus with our actions on this day. It’s not just about the physical things we do on this day, though.  The interactions and relationships that develop will have a lasting effect and can truly make a lasting impact in the Kingdom of Heaven and here on earth.

The 9th annual Celebrate Mount Pleasant is scheduled for Saturday, June 3rd (with a rain-date of Saturday, June 11th).  This is an all-day event. Throughout the day there will be different activities going on for the community. Big L’s sidewalk ministry will be performing puppet shows and teaching the kids about the Bible, there will be a cookout for everyone, there are mini-make-overs happening for nine families throughout the community and our new addition for this year is “The Fair at Mount Pleasant”! The fair will run from 1-3pm and it will feature various educational and service opportunities that will benefit the families in the community.  We will also have some fun rides and activities. It looks to be a very exciting time!

As you can see, this is a big undertaking.  There are many opportunities for volunteers of all skill and ability levels.  Specifically, we need help with:CMP 2016_2

  • Mural: help painting a mural. This one will be tied in together with the murals from the previous two years.
  • Mulching/Clean up: help mulching around the community, picking weeds and general clean up
  • Garden: planting vegetables and cleaning up the garden area
  • Baseball Field: reforming base lines & general cleanup of the field.
  • New Flower Beds: building a new flower bed & plantings
  • Administrative Tent: helping with sign ups, distributing T-shirts, and answering questions
  • Finances: you can give online at the Wellspring website or give in the offering plate and designate your offering to Celebrate Mount Pleasant

Please sign up online or between services on Sunday. Volunteers will receive more information via email. Don’t delay;  sign up today!

In the Spirit,

Chris Knapp, Mollie Rusczyk, and Steve Briggs

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