The Elders are inviting and encouraging the Wellspring community to attend a special Congregational Informational meeting Sunday November 19, at 6pm.

We are grateful to the Lord and to the Wellspring community for the strength and clarity of our ministry.  The past several years has been challenging for churches, families, and individuals. Yet we have remained strong and stood with one another and for the Lord’s purposes for the ministry of Wellspring. A year ago this family embraced the challenge put before us: The Sacred Us – a call to own our kingdom future.

As a result of your strong endorsement of The Sacred Us, the elders and pastors began seeking the Lord’s direction and timing for how we are to pursue what we call Wellspring’s kingdom future.  We are excited to share with you where and how we feel the Lord is directing us.

The purpose for the meeting on the 19th is informational. It is not a business meeting, that is, no decisions or voting will be asked of the congregation.  Rather, we want to bring everyone into the process of seeking the Lord’s direction, so that from here on, all of us (the elders, pastors, and the congregation) will pursue the Lord’s leading together.

We hope to see you all at 6pm on Sunday, November 19th for this important informational meeting.  It will be very helpful for as many as possible to hear firsthand what will be shared by the elders and pastors. (The meeting will not be livestreamed.)

Note:  An email presenting some significant meeting content will be sent out to everyone the week prior to the meeting.  This will allow you to come to the meeting more informed and prepared.  If you are new or simply aren’t sure that Wellspring has your current email address, please email us at or simply stop by the Welcome Desk in the café on Sunday morning and write your name and email on the list.  Thank you.


The Wellspring Elder Board

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