David Wagner will be our guest speaker on Sunday, December 2nd at 10am.

Hey Wellspring family,

I am so excited for this Sunday. We have a great opportunity to have a good friend and prophetic voice, David Wagner, join us at Wellspring. David has come to Wellspring a number of times over the last 15 years and he has been a trusted influence for Kerrie and me, our family, and our ministry since 2003.

David was the first “prophet” we had ever really met. We didn’t come from a culture or tradition that even talked about prophecy except what was prophesied in scripture thousands of years before. I went to hear this “prophet” skeptically and reluctantly at the insistent prodding of a colleague. What I experienced was a gentle, humble, and gifted man of God. David spoke about things going on in our life that no one knew except the Lord; but most importantly, he spoke God’s heart over us in a way that drew us closer to the Lord than ever before. David has an astounding heart for God and for people. I have been with David on three continents and have seen him minister to dozens of churches and hundreds of people, and God always shows up.

Please pray that God would open our hearts to what He may share with us through David. Looking forward to seeing how God continues to meet with us, reveal Himself in amazing ways, and shape us into the church of His dreams.

See you Sunday!

Pastor Kevin

222 Lincoln Street, Berlin, CT
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