ENCOUNTER  –  A gathering to encounter God’s presence and power

As we meet Sunday after Sunday, we have come to expect a deep sense of God’s presence through worship and teaching, as well as a genuine expression of God’s family being together. As pastors, we also see the hunger for more of the Lord. We perceive it throughout the congregation and we see it as many of you pursue a deeper spiritual experience and walk with the Lord by attending the classes, events, and services we offer.

Often on Sunday mornings it seems we can sense the nearness of the Lord and the invitation for even more of his presence and ministry.  Yet as rich as those services are, there are inherent limitations of time and schedule.  Therefore, we are going to hold monthly Encounter gatherings this spring where we will have opportunity for extended times of worship blended with hope filled prayer and faith filled exhortation.  We are planning:

Encounter gatherings, Sunday evenings at 6:30pm

April 28 and June 2

In addition to all our hunger and pursuit for more, we believe Wellspring is uniquely positioned to grow into richer and more fruitful worship experiences. Ben Toalston, our worship director, spent years serving in the 24 hour prayer room environment while at International House of Prayer in Kansas City. We also are blessed to have Matthew and Serah Rudolph with us, our missionaries in residence from Gateways Beyond in Cyprus.  Along with a number of their Gateways staff and alumni who are currently part of Wellspring, they bring a rich worship encounter culture honed through years of practice and experience.  Our desire with the Encounter services is to draw upon all these resources to develop our own environment ripe for encounter.

These Encounter gatherings will include:

Worship – Extended and open times of worship flowing in and out of other aspects of the service.

Testimonies – Personal testimonies giving glory to God and leading to greater corporate faith that creates expectancy for God to move.

Encouragement – Prophetically building up one another, releasing hope and inspiring courage.

Equipping – Modeling supernatural ministry, and operating in gifts of the Holy Spirit in a corporate context.

Encounter – Experiencing the presence of the Lord, bringing transformation and leading to greater corporate breakthrough, freedom and fruitfulness.

As your pastors we are full of expectation for what God desires to do in these Encounter gatherings.  If your cry is for more, or your desire is for deeper encounters with God, please join us.  Together let’s host an atmosphere that invites the Lord’s manifest presence bringing life changing transformation and kingdom release.

Pastors Kevin, Rick, Wesley

222 Lincoln Street, Berlin, CT
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