Join us this Saturday, February 23rd, 9am – noon.  Walk-Ins are Welcome!

While we’re taking an in-depth look this month at Living a Generous Lifestyle (Sermon Series), I want to offer you an additional opportunity. Pam and I have spent years pressing into and living out of these godly principles. After teaching these truths in many churches and ministry settings at Wellspring and around the world, I gathered them into a book a few years ago. I am offering a Saturday morning seminar where we can look more deeply and practically into these principles. Please consider joining us, and invite others who are struggling with freedom in the area of finances, or simply may want to press further into this topic. I hope to see you there.

Seminar Description
We are taught that we find freedom in Christ, and yet many Christians never experience freedom or peace in the area of finances. Unlike many tools for good financial management, this seminar provides practical insight for living in the flow of God’s economy.

We will:
– Explore and apply the principle of firstfruits
– Recognize and address the influence of the spirits of poverty and generosity
– Understand the importance of our heart’s posture in giving
Applying the principles and truths of this seminar will lead to experiencing freedom in finances and the joy of generosity. You will discover a heart of gratitude for God’s provision and release a flow of God’s kingdom’s resources into and through your life.

Foundational understanding of how God’s economy operates.
– Review firstfruits, flow, Jehovah-Jireh
Practical application for living from God’s kingdom resources vs. our own resources, perspectives and strengths.
– First things first
– Test (a father’s love, not a formula)
– Give cheerfully

You Can:
Experience Freedom in the area of finance, and the Joy of generosity.
Break off a Spirit of Poverty.
Apply the Greatest Commandment.

Seminar details
Saturday, February 23, 2019
9am – Noon
Wellspring Church
$20 (cost includes a copy of the book, I Got This: Living in the Flow of God’s Kingdom Economy)

Taught by Pastor Wes

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