During our 10 Days of Prayer in 2020 where we met outside in the tent, we began each day at 7:00 am with worship, scripture reading, prayer, and communion. In just a few days we quickly established an early morning experience that we did not want to end. We had built an altar of praise, and we knew we wanted to keep fresh praise on this altar and never let the fire burn out. So we decided to establish a once a week Wednesday morning Worship service on the Wellspring Patio from 7-8am, which has continued for a full year.

Now after a second 10Days of Prayer in the tent, we are more committed than ever to keep the fire on the altar burning. Every week we will lift our praise to heaven and invite heaven to come down and touch earth.

Join us any Wednesday, or every Wednesday, for this wonderful opportunity to worship our God and Father, lift our prayers for ourselves and our world to the one and only true hope, be blessed simply by being in the Lord’s presence and the fellowship of one another, and keep the altar of praise burning. I look forward to seeing you there.

Pastor Wes


222 Lincoln Street, Berlin, CT
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