AN OLD TESTAMENT JOURNEY: Exploring the Theological Topography of the Old Covenant


Would you like to take a journey through the redemptive history and theological landscape of the Old Testament Scriptures? You can do just that, with two experienced tour guides, beginning Sunday, October 13th! And you won’t need to travel any further than Wellspring Church to do so.

Beginning Sunday, October 13th Pastor Rick and Rod Cranford will be serving as your guides through the theological topography of the Old Covenant. In a classroom format that will involve lecture, interaction and discussion and guided application activations we will be examining an overview of God’s redemptive working through history as revealed to us in the Old Testament. We will also be gaining a better understanding of the geography and topography of all the places where this action occurred. And we will be looking at prominent themes of the Old Covenant Scriptures.

The class runs from October 13th through December 8th. We will meet in Conference Room #2, just behind the sanctuary. Sessions will begin at 8:30am with coffee and pastries, and we will wrap up around 9:50am; just prior to the worship service.

These are not drop-in sessions; you will need to sign up for the class. But anyone is welcome to do so.

You can register by signing up at the table in the cafe or by sending an email to:

I have personally been very fascinated by many of the perspectives that Rod has shared with me that he plans to explore with the class. He has been a student of the Old Testament Scriptures for much of his life and he has much to share with us. I will also be contributing to the class in both formal presentations and through informal interaction with those of you who sign up. I am looking forward to it! So join us for a journey through redemptive history and theological topography!

Pastor Rick

222 Lincoln Street, Berlin, CT
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