Is there any more significant art than art that communicates the Creator’s love and His very personal nature to His people and those who would join Him in His kingdom?

Prophetic Paint Night 

When? April 3rd from  7:00 to 9:00 pm
Where? The Space
Cost? $20 for adults / $10 kids, 18 and under
All materials provided

Sign-up in the Cafe on Sundays, March 26th and April 2nd

Prophetic Paint Night is a way of helping to build a prophetic and artistic culture at Wellspring.  Its not about being an artist–though it is highly significant art–its about creating connection with the Lord and sharing that connection with others through our creations.  I used to think prophetic art was too simplistic because they are often, in my mind, simple paintings with cheesy phrases.  But I now know that the Lord uses them! 

If you like the idea of blessing others with a word from the Lord and a painting, then come and join us.  If you just wanna get dirty and paint, please come!

Creative House

Creative House (as it was spelled in the beginning) is a creative venture that began with me approaching Andrew Springman with a question.  I wanted to know if the Lord used anointed images.  That was roughly 8-9 years ago.  (Andrew probably knows the exact year.)  He indulged me and we decided to get people together that we thought might be interested not so much in the prophetic mature of art but creativity in general.  It was a great time, for about two years, getting together with many people to discuss creative theory and practice.  Meeting at Andrew’s house we had discussions and breakout sessions with activities designed to strengthen our knowledge of art, writing, and music.  Somehow we never pursued the prophetic nature of creativity directly.   

CreatvHous, as it is now, is my love for art, creativity, creative production, and interacting with the Lord in art.  Personally I love ideas and enjoy the pursuit of the significance of visual art production through the study of neural, biological, and psychological research.  There is amazing research being done in Neurology and Market Research Psychology which states quite confidently that we have no idea, consciously, why we buy the deodorant that we buy, and that it has more to with circles, color, and typography then anyone would want to know.  The tests behind the psychology are, at this point, reproducible, so its not psychoanalytic mumbo-jumbo (yes thats the scientific term, lol).   One working theory I have is that the mind reduces everything to a fight or flight analysis, comfort or anxiety, and most significantly our brains look at a product like deodorant as a person, as a face, which is the first thing we learn to recognize as infants, and it asks several questions instantly: Is this person safe? Does this person love me? Do I like this person? etc.   The mind’s reaction to visual information is far more complex than “that’s a nice picture.”

My reasons for pursuing Prophetic Paint Night…I now know the answer to the original question that I asked Andrew years ago: yes, the Lord indeed anoints images!   And He does so because He loves us and loves the way He created us, and so loves to interact with us in ways that show us His creativity and complexity.  For instance, I recently prayed and asked the Lord what sense He would like to highlight to me today.  He said “smell”.  Later that day I was looking at graphic design images for a design job that I’m working on and I saw an image that was meant to look like really old wallpaper.  That’s when the Lord caught my attention.  I associated the look of the wallpaper with the smell of old musty wallpaper.  I then was expecting to smell the musty wallpaper physically, I didn’t, but the Lord took me on a very short but amazing journey into the power of visual association.  He captured my attention through my association with “musty wallpaper,” which then took me to a place of great comfort and encouragement because He was answering my prayer and was highlighting to me my love for thinking about art and how the mind interacts with it.  It was a great sense of affirmation.  If it weren’t for the strong sense of the Lord’s presence, I would’ve dismissed it as intellectual creativity.  I began to feel His pleasure with the pleasure that I get from art, thinking about art, thinking about ideas and thinking about thinking.  “I know my son,” He just said to me as I was writing this. 

All this to say, God has captured my imagination and therefore my attention and He’s inviting us all into a journey through supernatural art and creativity.   So again I ask, is there any more significant art than art that communicates the Creator’s love and nature to His people and those who would join Him in His kingdom?

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