Unity in the Park

All are invited to Unity in the Park as believers from across New Britain (and beyond!) will gather at the band shell in Walnut Hill Park to lift one unified voice of worship to our one God for our one city.  Different worship teams, choirs, and speakers.  Many churches, one body of Christ.  Join the churches in the city of New Britain on:

Saturday, June 22

10am to 2pm 

Walnut Hill Park band shell in New Britain

The Story

Stanford Lebby from Bethesda Apostolic Church in New Britain has organized an event called Unity in the Park. Stanford is a friend of Wellspring, and often joins our Saturday morning evangelism team sharing the gospel on the streets of New Britain. His vision has come together as there will be six churches participating in this event (many others in attendance.)  Pastor Wes and Ben Toalston will be part of the program, along with Bethesda Apostolic Church, Right Now Ministries with Pastor Ra’Sheen Brown, and others.

The Wellspring Story

Wellspring Church began in 1883 in the city of New Britain. For most of our history we resided in the city. We continue to see New Britain as our local mission field. Along with Mount Pleasant, Lincoln School mentoring, and the many other outreach activities, our ministry to the city needs to link arms with our brothers and sisters in Christ. This past October during our Breath of Heaven Camp Meeting, we had a powerful “God moment” worshiping, repenting, and prophesying over New Britain in the shelter of this very band shell as the rain poured down around us.

When we gather together on June 22nd and join our hearts with God’s compassion for the city, we can expect His Spirit to stir the atmosphere in the heart of the city once again.

Everyone is invited to come and lend your voice and hearts in worship and prayer for a unified church and the Lord’s blessing on the city of New Britain. Come for the whole day, or whatever portion fits your schedule.  Come with expectation and come with Hope!

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