Celebrating new life and dedicating it to the Lord; joining with children who have decided to become followers of Jesus.

Baby Dedications

At Wellspring, we celebrate the birth of a child, formally welcome them into our community, bless the family, and affirm our commitment to support the parents as they promise to raise their child to love and know Jesus.  This special tradition is called baby dedication and is typically a part of Sunday services each spring and summer.

Upcoming baby dedications are promoted in the e-newsletter, but if you are interested in having your infant dedicated, we invite you to contact the office now.


Baptism is a declaration of our identification with Jesus and desire to follow him, like a pledge of allegiance, which is why we wait until children are old enough to express in their own words their desire to be a follower of Jesus to baptize them.

Children interested in baptism are invited to meet with Jenn Olszyk, the Director of Wellspring Kids, and a church elder during Sunday services.  Parents are invited to join too.  These meetings are usually scheduled several weeks before a planned baptism service and are promoted to children and families in the weeks leading up to the meeting.

If your child is interested in being baptized, please print the two documents in the list below and have your child answer the questions.  Jenn will go over the documents with your child in the baptism interview.

 1-860-225-0661  ext. 118

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