Our mission is to help those in need with the physical maintenance of their homes, while showing the love of Christ and praying for the families we help, both within the family of Wellspring and beyond.


Mission & Vision

What is Crosscut?

Our Mission:

Our mission is to help those in need with the physical maintenance of their homes, while showing the love of Christ and praying for the families we help, both within the family of Wellspring and beyond. All work is provided by volunteers at no cost to the homeowner.

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Our Vision:

Crosscut is always looking to help as many families as we can. Our goal is to maintain high-quality levels of workmanship and integrity while providing the best experience possible.

For more information, contact Chris Knapp, Crosscut Founder & Leader.

Core Values

Core Values


We take great strides at Crosscut Ministry to ensure that all work we perform is completed by someone that is qualified at a professional standard. In any skilled job, we will always have an individual that has vast knowledge in that area. We like to get the job done right the first time.


We view integrity as a key aspect in what we do. We strive to say what we mean and mean what we say. If we say we can get something done, then we try our best to meet that promise. We do want to be clear though, we are not perfect and mistakes do happen. When and if it happens, we will do our best to correct it.

Showing God’s Love:

We show God’s love by treating all families and individuals with respect, honesty, empathy and compassion. We know there is a lot happening in the world and we can’t provide all the answers to every situation, but our goal is showing people that they are loved and not alone.

Room For Anyone To Join:

All the work preformed is completed by Team Members who volunteer their time to help a family in need.

Our Team Members have a vast array of skills and talent. Some are professional carpenters, plumbers or electricians; while others just love to paint, landscape or work on demolition.

There are far too many talents to list here, but the one thing they all have in common is the heart to help someone in need. It doesn’t matter how old or how young, expert or novice…it’s where the heart is that truly makes a difference in the lives of the families we help.

Make Request

Make A Request For Help

Crosscut aims to complete around 20 projects a year for individual homes. In addition, there are at least three large events, where we gather dozens of people in one day to accomplish significant renovations. Many people are part of the ministry, and are then organized into smaller groups to work on any particular job as they are available.

How Can I Request Help?

Call or email us and we will be in contact with you to go over details on how to receive help. Please allow us at least a week to respond to your original request.

We do have a formal application process that all applicants must go through. This will determine your eligibility for service and our ability to adequately provide what is needed.

Our History

Our History?

Crosscut Ministry started in 2008 by Chris Knapp as a one-person mission to help those he came across that needed help with their homes. As time went on, many folks came along side to help with this mission and brought with them a vast amount of knowledge and wisdom. Since the start of Crosscut, the needs of families that we are addressing have grown in numbers and complexity. Crosscut continues to strive to meet that growth with the same values it started with: high quality workmanship, integrity and a heart to show God’s love for people.

It’s been 8 years and the Lord is just getting started with Crosscut!  Join our team!

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How Can I Help?

Team Members are always needed to help with repairs at a family’s home. You don’t need to know how to swing a hammer to help…just a heart wanting to serve.

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Other Support:

Supplies and materials are always appreciated. We are always in need of a vast array of tools and supplies. Contact us to receive details on how to go about this.

Monetary donations are also welcome. We want to provide the families with all the necessary repairs at no cost, so we look for donations to help with that goal. You can donate on line at or make checks out to Wellspring with Crosscut Ministry in the memo line.

Contact us with any questions.

  • Chris Knapp
    Chris Knapp Crosscut Director

1-860-225-0661 ext. 132

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