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We Are Wellspring

What Is We Are Wellspring?

What is “We Are Wellspring”?

Simply put, “We Are Wellspring” is a 2-part series of classes which covers:

  • Who we are
  • What we do
  • Why we do it
  • How to get involved

Part I is an interactive, 3-week course centered around our core convictions and our mission, which is “to be a Wellspring of life.” Each week builds on the previous week, exploring and introducing every part (that we could possibly fit in!) of the meaning, life, activity, comings-and-goings, and beliefs of our church. The class typically runs in September and January.

Part II is a 10-week topical, drop-in course taught by a different staff person, elder, or leader in the congregation and covers the information addressed in Part I in greater depth. Everyone (old and new alike!) is invited pop in for some or all of the weeks.

For more information, contact Tori Rowe, Connections Director.

We Are Wellspring Part I

We Are Wellspring- Part I:

An interactive, 3-week crash course on who we, what we do, why we do it, and how to get involved. Wellspring’s mission is to be a Wellspring of life, but walking in that life and releasing it can be hard.

Offered during the 9am services in September and January, this class is an introduction to the big-picture — who we are as individual Jesus-followers and the specific roles that we fill together as Wellspring Church.

  • Discover what it means to be a Wellspring of life, to release life, and to connect in community
  • Explore who we are as individual Jesus-followers in the Kingdom of God
  • Learn how Wellspring fits into the big-picture of God’s work in our communities and region
We Are Wellspring Part II

We Are Wellspring- Part II:

Explore Wellspring’s core values in depth and how they integrate with the life of the church.
Taught by a different leader each week, this drop-in, 10-week course runs during the 9am service in the fall. We Are Wellspring- Part I is not a necessary prerequisite. Feel free to drop by on any Sundays that works for you!

Over the course of the 10 weeks, we will:

  • Look deeper into what we believe (our faith, our values)
  • Meet pastors, elders, and staff as they teach and facilitate the weekly classes
  • Explore Wellspring’s mission and purpose as a community of Jesus-followers
  • Learn how you can join us (and we can join you) on our faith journey together

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