Wellspring Kids Check-In

Three Steps to Checking In and Picking Up Your Child

1.) Go to any of the three check-in stations, where a Registration person will assist you.

    • Check in ALL of your child(ren), indicating which classes your children will be attending.
    • You will receive printed stickers:

CHILD TAG: Each of your children will receive a printed name tag.

  • The tag should be placed on your child’s clothing (and for children age 3 and younger, place the sticker on their back).
  • ITEM TAG: Let the Registration person know which of your children need an item tag for their diaper bag.
  • PARENT RECEIPT: You will also receive two printed parent “receipts” for child pick-up that contains a randomized code (this will match the code on all of your children’s name tags). The family code will change each week. The receipt prints out the current date, which is another security measure that will not allow receipts to be reused the next week.
    • Parent receipts cannot be reprinted within the same day; this prevents a spouse involved in a custody battle from trying to check in and stating they had lost their receipt and need another one.

2.)  Take your child to their classroom.

  • 5th & 6th Graders only need to be checked-in. They do not need to be dropped off or picked up.

3.)  Immediately following the service, pick up your child by showing your parent receipt.

    • The registration worker, teacher or helper will match the code on your child’s nametag with the one on your receipt. Once the match is verified, your child will be released to you. You must have a “receipt” to pick up your child.

Contacting Parents during the Service

If we need to contact parents during the service, your family code will be displayed on the screen in the sanctuary, with the class location. Example of Family Code: 47N (code number) – Kingdom Kids (class)

For parents of young children that want to be notified that their child has calmed down after they left, the message would display: 47N – Kingdom Kids – Child Fine. If the child had not calmed down after a while, we will notify parents with standard message: 47N – Kingdom Kids

Registering Your Child for the First Time

You and your spouse will each be issued a key fob
You will need to take a New Child Registration form (to be filled out after checking in your child).

      • he Registration Person will place your “parent receipt” sticker on the back of this form. You will need to present the completed form when picking up your child.
      • If you have children in multiple locations, you will show the parent “receipt” sticker on your form to the child care worker for each class; and give the form to the child care worker at your last pick-up location.

Information needed to register child for the first time:

Parent’s name; Child’s first and last name, birthday and grade
Special instructions (that will be printed on the child’s tag every week):

      • Allergies
      • Special needs. Special instructions (like “only the Mom is allowed to pick up the child”)

If you have a young child, and you want to be notified when your child needs a diaper change or needs to use the bathroom, that instruction will be indicated on your child’s tag.

What if my child brings a friend?

You will need to fill out paperwork for any guests that you bring. Your child’s friend will receive a visitor name tag, associated with your family code for picking up.

What if I Lose my Key Fob or I Left it at home?

We can still register your child without a key fob. If you would like a new key fob we will issue you a new one. If you find the other one, please return it to a Registration person.

What if I Lose my Parent Receipt?

You must show the registration person or teacher your identification; and you will have to wait for a staff person to confirm that you are authorized for pick up.

Click the image to learn about our new Check-in system.


Please wear your parent “receipt” sticker to prevent it from being lost or stolen. If you chose to have another family member pick up your child (an older sibling or grandparent), you will need to give them the receipt that you are wearing. Receipts should never be left loose for anyone to pick them up.

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