You might need prayer ministry if…….

you are physically ill or injured.

you are easily angered, disproportionate to the situation.

you lack patience.

you struggle with addictions.

you have a hard time forgiving someone.

you have feelings of sadness or fear much of the time.

you are not experiencing love, joy and peace, as promised in Scripture.

you have difficulty focusing in Bible reading or prayer.

you have difficulty trusting others.

you are a perfectionist or a “people pleaser.”

you seem “accident prone.”

you live under a cloud of regret.

you have difficulty maintaining positive relationships.

you can recognize negative patterns in your life that you also see in your parents, grandparents, etc

you don’t seem to be able to successfully pray through difficulties on your own.

This is not an exhaustive list!  Call us if you have questions about your own situation.  We’ve prayed with hundreds of Wellspring folks—we’d be glad to pray with you, too.

Bethesda Healing Ministry office:  860-225-0661 ext. 123  or  Or request an appointment at

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