“Seek My Face.” This was one of the recurring themes of my recent sabbatical. In addition to helping Pam open Provision State Coffee, I have sought the Lord for refreshment, wisdom, and counsel. But even as I looked to him for perspective on our chaotic world, for direction, for understanding, somehow trying to make sense of it all… the Lord responded, “Seek My Face.”

My experience is that when I ask questions of the Lord, his answers are rarely, or maybe even never, what I expect. They are so much better!

Over the next two Sundays, I will share with you from the journey I have been on with the Lord. And I will invite you to join me on this journey. The Lord says, seek My face. The Lord says, Trust me with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. The Lord Jesus says, I am the firstborn, making a way for all to follow. My son, do as I tell you.  Fear the holiness of God and He will become your sanctuary. Gaze upon the author and perfecter of your faith and follow His lead.  All of it Scripture. All of it fatherly wisdom, counsel, and love.  And all of it settling my deep desire for hope and a future.

Please join us this Sunday February 21st at 9am or 11am.  I’m grateful for all who will be able to join us through the live streaming.  However, if you can, I encourage you to attend in person as there will be a time of response following the message.  Either way, please take advantage of these services to connect deeply with your heavenly Father and be renewed in His hope.

Love and Blessings,

Pastor Wes

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