Andrea SmithElder

    “Hi Wellspring, my name is Andrea Smith, and I’ve been a member of Wellspring for over 10 years. My family and I have grown spiritually here at Wellspring and recognize that the Spirit of God resides here.  My innate passion is to serve God and do what He has for me to do. God has placed in me a desire to help others to view their life through the eyes of God. God is the ultimate source of peace and truth. The vision I see for Wellspring is for this church/our church to be obedient and not to forget how far God has brought us. The Israelites forgot how God brought them from slavery to the land promised to them, their forgetfulness cost them to forfeit the divine prize. Let’s be intentional to fulfill the Great Commission. Teaching is a position I have found myself in ever since I can remember; as a child I would teach my friends in my neighborhood, as an adult I continue this trait in my personal and work life to this day. One of the gifts God has embedded in me is the gift of exhortation. I find speaking, using life coaching and encouragement to be an easy, joyful, comfortable process. There’s definitely a lot to learn when emotions are an intricate part of communication, and I’m open to the Spirit’s leading. Another gift God has blessed me with is my ability to remain strategically calm during heightened situations, addressing situations in an analytical manner. I’m becoming more and more aware of my spiritual gifts and I pray the Holy Spirit will reveal more in due time that will be a blessing to the Wellspring Family. Scripture teaches that God has equipped each born again saint with spiritual gifts or talents to edify the church body. The spiritual gifts God has given me are used to edify Wellspring and the Body of Christ at large. I am excited to serve God with my Wellspring family.”

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